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How to Buy the Best Window Film for Your Needs

The Best Window Film is 3M

Buying the best window film, can be like trying to select a wallpaper at a wallpaper store – so many to choose from! But with 3M, it’s easy to select a film using the 3M Productor Selector Tool. The Selector Tool lets you specify your different criteria and then shows the best product to use.

For example, you might select these criteria:

  • Protection from the Cold
  • Privacy and Uniformity
  • Darken Window – Reduce Glare

For these criteria, the 3M Product Selector Tool recommends 3M All Season Window Film.

3M All Season Window Film

3M All Season Window Film is a good all-around choice. The insulating properties of the film improve comfort during the cold winter months as well as during the heat of summer. The increased insulation the film provides saves money on energy costs, with a potential payback in less than three years. 

The glare reduction properties of the film extend the life of furnishings because they block harmful UV rays. And glare reduction also will make it much easier to use a computer screen in the room.

Best of all, when you purchase from a 3M™ Certified Dealer Installer, such as Dickson Graphics, the warranty for both the film and the labor comes directly from 3M. This means you can buy with confidence.

Call Dickson Graphics for the Best Window Film

As a certified 3M Dealer Installer, Dickson Graphics is the top company to work with for tinting residential window film or commercial window film windows. When you contact us, we’ll get an understanding of your needs. Then we’ll: 

  • schedule an onsite consultation
  • recommend a product or products
  • take measurements
  • discuss installation logistics

Try the Product Selector Tool Yourself

If you’d like to try 3M’s Product Selector Tool, click this link ( and then scroll down until you see this:

The Product Selector Tool might be fun to play with, but, if you have questions, just come on in to Dickson Graphics and we’ll take care of you.