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Commercial Window Tint Has Come a Long Way

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Today, perhaps the best commercial window tint is 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Exterior film. It certainly is a great improvement over the metallic, reflective window film of the 1970’s. Dickson Graphics is an authorized dealer and certified installer of the 3M Prestige Series.

Giant Flashcube Buildings of the 1970’s

You might be familiar with the “flashcube” building style popular for large commercial buildings in the 70’s. These buildings were nicknamed “flashcube” because of their appearance. The exterior walls were floor-to-ceiling windows tinted with metallic reflective film. The reflective tint made the windows look like mirrors and made the whole building resemble a giant Kodak flashcube.

Commercial Window Tint Sparks Renovation in Flashcube Buildings

Most large cities probably had several flashcube buildings. You’ll find some of the more well-known ones in Louisville, KY, Kansas City,  Niagara Falls, and Kennewick, WA. Many of the flashcube buildings across the country have been or are in the process of being renovated. One reason is because the reflective window tint of the day was really not very effective at heat reduction. 

If Flashcube Architecture Revives

It’s not likely, but If there is a “flashcube architectural revival,” the windows will likely have 3M Sun Control Window film. This film is non-metallic and rejects up to 99.9% of infrared light to provide energy savings and enhanced comfort. Yet, it allows high transmission of visual light.

3M backs this product with one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. All Prestige Exterior films carry a 7-year warranty (5 years for sloped surfaces) when professionally installed on a commercial building.

Dickson Graphics Is a Certified Installer of 3M Commercial Window Tint

Even using the best window film cannot make up for a botched installation. That’s why you should call the professionals at Dickson Graphics. They are not only an authorized dealer of 3M film, but they are also certified installers. Dickson is also a certified installer of car window tinting.