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Installing Automotive Window Tint – The Safety Benefits

Glare from the sun, oncoming headlights, or reflective surfaces can contribute to a significant number of auto accidents each year. The statistics below point out the dangers of glare and also show the need for installing automotive window tint:

  • The NHTSA reports nearly 3,000 fatal and over 15,000 injury crashes yearly as a result of glare or other visual obstructions.
  • The Vision Council reports that nearly 25% of drivers report a near-crash or crash attributed to sun glare.
  • The American Automobile Association states that sun glare is a contributing factor in nearly 16% of all motor vehicle crashes.

Dickson Graphics Has Two Locations for Installing Automotive Window Tint

Installing Automotive Window Tint at Dickson Graphics

Tinted windows are a popular feature in vehicles for their aesthetic appeal. But they are also needed in vehicles for safety. Tinted windows can improve visibility, reduce glare, and provide protection from harmful UV rays. By investing in tinted windows, you can enjoy the safety benefits that give you a secure and enjoyable driving experience. Dickson Graphics is installing automotive window tint in our original location in Dickson and at our newest location in Clarksville. We also install commercial window tint and residential window tint. Give us a call today for a quote.

Improving Visibility and Reducing Glare

One of the primary safety benefits of tinted windows is their ability to improve visibility and reduce glare. Tinted windows help to minimize glare by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the vehicle. This also creates a more comfortable driving experience. By reducing glare, tinted windows provide a clear line of sight for the driver. This allows a driver to react quickly to potential hazards and obstacles.

Protecting from UV Rays

Tinted windows also act as a barrier against UV rays, blocking a significant portion of the sun’s harmful rays. Extended exposure to UV radiation can damage your skin and harm your eyes. It also increases the risk of skin cancer. 

Providing Privacy

As a bonus, tinted windows offer an added layer of security and privacy. Tinted windows deter potential thieves from targeting your vehicle by obstructing their view of the interior. This added level of privacy can help protect your valuables and reduce the risk of break-ins or thefts.