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Residential Window Tint

Residential window tint can serve a variety of purposes. These include energy saving, decoration, glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy and security. Dickson Graphics specializes in Nashville window tint for residential applications. We serve clients in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and throughout the state of Tennessee.

We install only the best window tint on the market – and that is 3M. As 3M certified installers, we guarantee a professional application that meets all the 3M standards which qualifies you for the 3M warranty.

The same 3M tint we use for residential windows is appropriate for commercial window film application too. Commercial use films include specialty films such as anti-graffiti film.

Benefits of Window Tint for Residences

Energy Saving

Extreme and variable weather can increase energy expenses exponentially. Window tinting can save you up to 60% in heating and cooling costs in your home every month.


Decorative window tints are great accents for interior doors. They also can provide some privacy. For example, if you have interior French doors for a bedroom, applying a decorative, etched film to the window panes can provide the needed privacy.

Glare Reduction

Dickson Graphics provides a superior glare reduction tint. Glare is a major annoyance when using electronic devices. So glare reduction film is a good choice for the windows in a home office or the room with your big screen TV.

UV Protection

Unless your home is completely shaded, you should definitely consider UV protection window tint. UV rays can harm your health and deteriorate your drapes, upholstery, carpets, and fade your pictures and art work. Our window tints block 99% of all UV rays that pass through windows. Most other brands can only provide 11% blockage.  


Window tinting is an effective and easy way to provide privacy. Bathroom windows, front door windows, and windows that face the road are common applications for this type of film. But applying privacy tinted film to all the windows in your home may be necessary for you in certain situations. Our tint will obscure the view of your valuables and, just in general, keep people from seeing in your windows.


Windows that are tinted with 3M security film are more difficult to break. So applying it to ground level glass windows and doors discourages break-ins. Security film also prevents the glass from shattering if the window is hit hard enough to break it. Get more details about security film.

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