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United Christian Academy Installs Security Film after Fatal School Shooting

United Christian Academy in Dickson is just one of the facilities that have called on Dickson Graphics to install security window film. After the March 2023 school shooting at Covenant Christian Academy in the Nashville area, schools have been taking steps to secure the weakest points of entry in their schools … their glass windows and doors.

Channel WKRN News 2 interviewed Adam Jude, the owner of Dickson Graphics, about the installation at United Christian Academy. The interview with Megan Kernan aired on April 25. The headline was “Lives are definitely going to be saved”: More schools install window security film after deadly Nashville shooting. In the interview, Adam explained the 3M security film properties that keep an intruder from getting in and showed a real test of a window protected with the film.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The video of an intruder shooting the window and then trying to unsuccessfully kick it in says it all. Although security film is not “bullet proof,” it makes the window shatterproof. In other words, the glass is held in place by the security film so there is no way to go through the window. (At Covenant, the intruder gained immediate entry by shooting the windows, and they shattered immediately. If that window had been covered with 3M Safety and Security film, the active shooter would not have been able to get through the window even after shooting it multiple times.)

The effectiveness of the 3M safety film is plain to see in the video. What is not evident is how quickly this installation can be done and how cost-effective it is. Compared to other solutions for glass windows and doors, safety film is the most economical.