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Safety Window Film for your Home or Business

Most people think of window film as a method to cut down on the bad or annoying effects of sunlight. These include the destructive results of UV rays, glare, and heat. But did you know that safety window film protects the weakest entry points of a building – the windows and glass doors? 

Dickson Graphics specializes in Nashville in the installation of window tinting and window films. This includes safety window film. We serve both commercial and residential clients. Additionally, we only use the highest quality film, which, by the way, is made only by 3M. 

Benefits of Safety Window Film

Security Window Film Deters Break-ins

Just in general, security window film provides privacy for workers or homeowners. Additionally, it obscures the view of valuables. But it can do much more than that. The 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment System is a good example. When applied, it is more difficult to break ground level glass windows and doors. This discourages smash-and-grab crimes in businesses. For residences, it makes a vulnerable point of access to your home much less vulnerable, discouraging intruders.

Another example is the 3M™ window film that protects windows and doors in case of explosions or blasts.  Certain buildings, such as government buildings or schools, can be targets of bombs. Others, such as laboratories or manufacturing plants might be subject to accidental explosions. Other buildings are close to commercial construction or road construction blasting areas. This type of film reduces the risk of glass-related injuries and damage by holding glass together during blast events. This prevents glass shards from becoming lethal projectiles.

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