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Smart Glass Might Be Just What You Need

Undoubtedly, you know what a smart phone is. You’ve heard of smart phones, smart TV’s, smart cars, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart locks, etc. But have you heard of smart glass? If you’re thinking, “What is smart glass and why would I need it,” then read on.

Smart glass also called “smart security glass,” is not actually glass. Glass becomes “smart,” when you apply a “smart window film.” The window film can change the glass from clear to shaded, clear to opaque, or anything in between. The registered name for this smart film is LCG® (Light Control Glass). 

Smart Film - Off and On

Dickson Graphics Installs Smart Film

Dickson Graphics is your best source for “all things window film.” We install traditional window film of all types, and now we install this exciting new window film technology. This is one of the most complicated window film system to install, so it takes a professional installer like Dickson Graphics to do it correctly. Give us a call today for more information or a quote.

Why Do I Need Smart Glass?

Now that we’ve answered your first question and told you who can install it, let’s talk about why you might need LCG® film. Consider these two examples: 

  • You have a dual-purpose room with French doors. When you are using the room for one purpose, you don’t mind people outside the room being able to see in. But when you are using the room for another purpose, you need complete privacy. So, if your doors have LCG® film on them, you can control when the glass is clear and when it’s opaque.
  • You have an exterior wall that is mainly windows. The view is great, but during certain times of the day the angle of the sun creates too much heat and glare. So, during that time of the day, you would want to apply shading to the windows to keep the room cooler and cut down on the glare.  

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