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Thinsulate Window Film by 3M Gives You Climate Control

Wouldn’t it be nice if your windows could reject this brutal Tennessee summer heat but retain heat in winter? It would certainly lower heating and cooling bills. Well, that’s exactly what double-pane and triple-pane windows are supposed to do. But at what cost? Wouldn’t it be nice to have this type of climate control properties without the cost? Well, that is exactly what you can have with 3M Thinsulate window film. Dickson Graphics is a certified installer of 3M residential window film in Nashville.

The Wonders of 3M Thinsulate Window Film

Thinsulate is a window film that improves the insulation value of a typical single-pane window. Surprisingly, the improvement is very close to that of a triple-pane window. 3M Thinsulate window film is an efficient, cost-effective way to meet your window insulation needs without replacing windows.

Thinsulate window film 3M residential window film tint Nashville TN

Thinsulate film also has low emissivity. In layman’s terms, that means that it has good heat rejection and still lets in a high level of light. It also has a neutral appearance (virtually invisible) and significantly blocks harmful UV rays. Blocking UV rays protects furniture, carpeting, and art works from fading and degrading. 

Dickson Graphics Installs Only 3M Window Films 

Dickson Graphics installs only high-quality window film products. Our experience shows us that 3M window film products offer the best value and results. And the warranty from 3M is one you can trust. 3M gives a limited lifetime warranty for residential installations and a 15-year warranty for commercial installations. Both residential and commercial warranties require professional installation. Dickson Graphics is both a 3M certified installer and distributer of #M window films. A professional installation is also the key to the successful performance of the film. 

Thinsulate for Vehicles

3M also makes Thinsulate for vehicles. It’s a little different though. It has thermal AND acoustic insulation properties. It’s sound absorbing fibers create a quieter vehicle environment. And, of course, Dickson Graphics is a 3M-certified installer of Nashville automotive window tinting too.