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The Importance of Tinted Windows in Commercial Buildings

If you are wondering why it’s important to have tinted windows in commercial buildings, we have some answers for you. The particular location of your building, the location of windows, and other conditions determine whether or not a window needs film. 

Recommendations for Tinted Windows in Commercial Buildins

Dickson Graphics Installs Tinted Windows in Commercial Buildings 

The window film offerings and their benefits are perhaps too numerous for business owners to decide on without help. But as experienced and 3M certified window film installers (and 3M  distributors), Dickson Graphics can give you expert advice. Call us today for our recommendations or a quote. 

Six Expert Recommendations

Exterior as well as interior window may need different kinds of window film in a commercial building. We are happy to share some recommendations with you as we look at some hypothetical commercial buildings:

Example 1 – Reception Area

Your building has a large reception/waiting room that is mostly windows. The windows look out onto parking that is right next to the building. That room faces east or west. 

Recommendation: You need window film on all windows to cut down on glare. You don’t want your customers or patients annoyed by the sun shining directly in their eyes or bouncing off the chrome on a parked car. 

Example 2 – Offices with Lots of Windows

Your building has offices with windows that make the office too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Recommendation: You need sun control film for these windows that can reject infrared rays, heat, and cold. 

Example 3 – Building Location

Your building is in an area that is plagued by graffiti.

Recommendation: Your windows need anti-graffiti film. It’s clear invisible to the eye, but protects window glass from graffiti, acidic glass-etching solutions, and gouges. You can remove paint and markings on the film using household cleaning products.

Example 4: – Showcase Windows

Your building has showcase windows that display expensive merchandise or is located in a high break-in area.

Recommendation: Showcase windows need security film to stop smash-and-grab, and all exterior windows need security film if you need to foil likely break-ins. 

Example 5 – Interior Windows

Your building has multiple conference rooms that have glass walls. Additionally, you have windows in doors that look into rooms that need privacy.

Recommendation: If you want the conference rooms to be private sometimes but not all the time, you need smart window film. This type of film can change the glass from clear to opaque, or anything in between.  For windows and doors (exterior or interior) that should always conceal what is on the other side, you need regular privacy film – often called decorative film.

Example 6 – Expensive Interior Decoration

Your building has rooms with art that is on display and expensive carpeting, upholstery, and draperies. (Think of an art gallery or a high-end hotel.)

Recommendation: Your windows need UV protection film to stop the fading and deterioration caused by the sun’s UV rays.