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Window Film Solutions for Common Problems

Window films have many purposes. Residences, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings all can benefit from various kinds of window film. In many cases, window film solutions can solve a problem less expensively than other conventional solutions. 

Window Film Solutions for Commercial Windows

Concerns that owners may have for their commercial buildings are break-ins and graffiti. Installing bars on windows and doors is expensive and unattractive. Constant clean-up of graffiti is also expensive.

Again, 3M offers window film solutions for these two problems. 3M Safety & Security window films makes glass harder to penetrate and holds shattered pieces in place. This film provides protection from break-ins and natural disasters. 

When graffiti is a concern, 3M has a solution for that too with its anti-graffiti film. This film also comes in a 3-layer version that allows you to peel off a layer at a time for repeated graffiti attacks.

Additionally, heating and cooling costs may be a concern for a building that has a large number of windows. Homeowners share these concerns as well.

Home Window Tinting

Many new home or apartment developments place units so close together that you can look right into your neighbor’s window. Instead of expensive privacy drapes or shutters, a window film can provide privacy while still letting in the light. 

Windows also affect cooling and heating costs. Instead of installing expensive thermal windows, 3M’s All Season window film reflects solar heat in summer and helps provide energy savings in the winter with increased insulation. 

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Dickson Graphics is a Nashville 3M certified installer of 3M window film solutions for homes and commercial buildings. And we are also a wholesale distributor of 3M window film, so you know you can count on the best prices from us. Give us a call for a quote today. We also install 3M automotive window film