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Window Tint and Window Film – What’s the Difference?

Window tint and window film are terms that people use loosely for the same thing. However, if you want to be precise, window tint is a specific characteristics of window film. Not all window film is tinted. Tint is just one of the many characteristics you can have in a window film. Other characteristic can include glare reduction, heat reduction, UV protection, shatter protection, and so on. 

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Window Tint

The terms “window tint” and “tinted windows” are often associated with vehicle windows. Tinted windows provide various levels of privacy, depending on the degree of tint. 

Tinted windows are also common in commercial buildings, especially mirrored window film. In large cities, you can see skyscrapers with mirror tinted windows that look like the photo to the right. 

With mirror tinted windows there is no visibility to the inside from the outside during the day. While this type of film offers complete privacy during the day, at night, if there is light inside, there is visibility from the outside. 

Window Film

Clear window film is usually the choice for homes. Residences may use tinted window for various reasons, but it is more rare to see mirror tinted windows in homes. Many HOA’s ban mirrored window film. 

Clear window film can have many characteristics that homeowners desire in a film. Possibly, the most sought after characteristic is window film’s energy saving property. Window film can reduce your heating and cooling bills. Generally, you can pay for your investment in window film with your savings on energy bills in as little as two to five years. At that point, you just continue to save money every month. 

Other important benefits that window film offers homeowners are UV protection and glare reduction. 3M window film can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays that are destructive to upholstery, carpeting, drapes, and other services in the home. Window film with glare reduction stops glare on home computers and TV screens. 

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