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Window Tint for Commercial Buildings in Nashville Can Save Money on Electric Bills

Window Tint for Commercial Buildings Save on Electricity

All electric companies have different rates for residential and commercial customers. Our electric company here in Nashville (NES) has commercial rates for commercial, industrial, and governmental customers. If the amount of electricity a customer uses is more than NES allows, NES adds a “demand fee.” And this can be an exorbitant fee that you don’t want to pay. If you get hit with a huge demand fee, you might want to consider window tint for commercial buildings to help lower your electricity demand.

The ROI on Window Tint for Commercial Buildings Is Worth the Investment

When we say that demand fees can be exorbitant, we mean it. For example, a 10,000 square foot church, right here in Dickson, TN, received a bill for one month with a $10,000 demand fee. The cost to tint all the windows in the church would have saved the church thousands of dollars for years and years. The return on the investing in window tint is always worth it (and then some). 

Other Ways to Save on Your Commercial Electric Bill

If you are a commercial customer, you have other options available to help you control your electric bills. You can make sure that all the equipment you use is energy efficient.  You can set daily work schedules to use off-peak hours, work on off-peak days (such as holidays), etc. But the easiest ways to lower electric bills, is to apply a good window tint. 

The Professionals at Dickson Graphics Are the Experts on Window Tint for Commercial Buildings

The type of window tint that is most cost-saving for commercial buildings is the kind of tint that looks like a mirror. It is the most reflective. We also have a tint that is almost as reflective without the mirror finish. Call Dickson Graphics today to discuss all the window tint options for your commercial building. We will be happy to give you a bid.